How to install the 3d Cube in Ubuntu 12.04

This is a very cool effect that you get in Ubuntu. It makes the desktop spin like a cube and there are many more effects you can customize. These are the basics to get it set up.

1- Go to your Ubuntu software center and search for Compiz and install the the Compizconfig settings Manager.

2-Go to the terminal and download the extra plugin

sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
3- Go to the Dash Home and type compiz and select compizconfig settings manager.
4- Select Ubuntu Unity Plugin and Uncheck Enable Ubuntu Unity Plugin.
5- Check desktop cube
6- Check Rotate cube
7- Check Animation Add-on
8- Go to Ubuntu Unity Plugin and re-enable the Ubuntu Unity Plugin.
9- Go to General/General options/Desktop Size/ And set virtual horizontal size to 4 and the number of desktop to 1.
10- Select Rotate Cube and select the Bindings tab. Here you can select what key or mouse combination are going to make the cube rotate. ( I picked for the option Initiate Bottom Edge and button 1 ) You can now click the middle button of your mouse on the desktop and you should see your desktop spinning.
Compiz manager is very powerful and you can change the way your desktop looks and behaves st by changing a few settings. Ie if you want to make your windows burn when you are closing them, go to the manager and select animations. The tabs on the top are the different animations for the open,close,minimize,focus etc.. If i pick close and you will see in the top pane 3 close effects ( normal,menu and tooltip ) right click the 1st one ( normal ) and click edit. Select the close effect with the drop down and pick one of the effect such as burn. Now when you close your windows you will have a nice effect.

*** Here’s a little tip, is you play around with the settings, I guarantee you you will see all your icon disappear and you will freak out. Don’t panic….. Press Control,ALT and T which will launch the terminal. Type the following command:

unity --reset

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